NATS-IO is a simple, secure and high performance open source messaging system for cloud native applications, IoT messaging, and microservices architectures.

nats server and nats-streaming-server

NATS is available in two interoperable modules, the core NATS platform - the NATS server (executable name is gnatsd) referred to simply as NATS and NATS Streaming (executable name is nats-streaming-server)

  • Basic NATS Server is designed for high performance and simplicity.
  • NATS Server doesn’t provide a persistent store for the messages that you publish over the NATS.
  • NATS Streaming comes with a persistent store for having a log for the messages that publish over the NATS server
  • NATS Streaming is not a separate server.
  • NATS Streaming embeds a NATS server as the messaging server, and provides an extra capability of having a persist logs to be used for event streaming systems.


  • nats-operator manages NATS clusters atop Kubernetes
  • nats-operator automates the creation and administration of Nats cluster
  • nats-operator provides a NatsCluster Custom Resources Definition (CRD) that models a NATS cluster

This CRD allows for specifying the desired size and version for a NATS cluster, as well as several other advanced options


  • nats-streaming-operator makes available a NatsStreamingCluster Custom Resources Definition that creates a NATS Streaming Cluster on top of a K8S Cluster.
  • nats-streaming-operator can also be used to manage instances backed by a SQL store. In this mode, only a single replica will be created

To use DB store support it is needed to include the DB credentials within the NATS Streaming configuration and mount it as a volume.

Setup Instructions

Setup Instructions and deployment files are available in this Github Repository

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